The Blog of Cars was founded September 19th, 2009 by yours truly, Igor Magun. I ran it by myself until the blog’s shutdown on October 20th, 2009, as the workload was simply too much for me at the time. Luckily, the blog was started back up again November 5th, 2009 when Alexandru Cascatau offered to help. In doing so, he became the first person to join the team. Afterwards, four more people joined, dividing up the workload. However, this was still just a hobby for us, and we had other things in our life to keep us busy. As a result the team dissolved once again, and we fell into inactivity.

That’s when I realized I needed to take a more personal approach to the blog. While I am still open to guest writers, I have shifted from news-oriented writing to reviews and opinion pieces, easing the pressure to get things done quickly.

The blog has changed quite a lot since it was first launched. I started with just a lone blog on Blogetery, but have since moved to my own hosting and domain, with the underpinnings coming courtesy of WordPress.


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