Introduction marathon

Hello everyone. I’m Christoph and will be joining the “Ambitious, but Rubbish” forces. I live in Germany, and currently study mechanical engineering.

I have always been interested in cars, probably influenced by my father. He took me to Le Mans in 1999, when I was merely 10 years old. Since then, endurance racing has always been my favourite form of motor sport, but I’m not picky.

About two years ago, I picked up photography and since then I have tried to shoot as many events as possible. I will try to cover some of the regional events and throw in the odd random snap.

Politely ignore language mistakes, please. (Or let me know, so I can learn.)


0 thoughts on “Introduction marathon

  1. Mike Serebrennikov says:

    Greetings from a fellow MechE!

  2. Tina Coon says:

    Hey Christoph! A lot of new faces here. Including mine. :-)

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