Three Tesla Motors employees killed in plane crash

Three Tesla Motors employees were killed in a plane crash in East Palo Alto, and have now been identified.

The crashed involved a Cessna 310 aircraft owned by Doug Bourn, 56, who worked as a senior electrical engineer at Tesla, and he has been confirmed to be piloting the Cessna when it crashed. The two passengers on the flight have been identified as 31-year-old Andrew Ingram, an electrical engineer for Tesla, and 42-year-old Brian M. Finn, a senior manager of interactive electronics. Finn lived just two blocks away from the site of the crash, and had a one-year old daughter awaiting him at home.

The cause of the crash is still unknown, but the San Jose Mercury News reports that it was most likely due to a technical issue and not the foggy weather. On behalf of the team here at The Blog of Cars, I’d like to express my condolences to the families and friends of the three men who died in this crash.

Source: San Jose Mercury News via Autoblog


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