Toyota may have delayed US Venza recall by six weeks

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Toyota may have delayed the US floor mat recall of the Venza by six weeks.

The evidence? Toyota recalled the Venza in Canada on December 16th for the floor mat issue. The US recall took place January 27th, and it also included the Corolla, Highlander and Matrix. Toyota’s choice to not include these cars until the January recall is also being questioned. They have to notify the NHTSA of potential defects within 5 days, and if this all proves true, then they knew far before that.

In their defense, Toyota claimed the floor mats used in Canada are different from the US floor mats. Canadian mats are manufactured by Remington Industries, but, rather suspiciously, Toyota declined to identify the US manufacturer.

The NHTSA is still running their investigation into the timeliness of Toyota’s recalls, so some details may be found in Toyota’s defense.

Source: The Los Angeles Times via Autoblog

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