Russian lose their minds, put whale penis leather in car

The Russians have come up with a car. It’s called the Dartz Prombron Monaco Red Diamond Edition, and it’s a very flashy and enormous pick-up truck.

However, the flashiness is the least of its problems. Have a look at the features list below:

1. Ruby Red matte paint
2. Gold-plated bulletproof windows
3. 22″ Kremlin Red Star bulletproof wheels
4. Whale Penis Leather interior
5. Tungsten exhaust
6. Tungsten and white gold gauges with diamonds and rubies
7. White gold diamond and ruby encrusted badges – grill, side and dashboard
8. Special edition Vertu mobile phone with “alert” button
9. Additional outside kevlar coating
10. Rogue Acoustic Audio System.

And, of course, of course –
THREE BOTTLES OF World Most Expensive Vodka – RussoBaltique Vodka, drink edition, same as in the RussoBaltique car when it visited Monaco at 1912.

Yes, you read correctly, this has a whale penis leather interior! And it comes with three bottles of expensive vodka, a huge stereo, glittery diamonds and gold everywhere and enormous wheels. The ultimate drug dealers car. But, seriously, whale penis leather? What were they thinking?!  I do quite like the idea of “I’m sitting in a $1.5 million car”, and that is the price, but this is just way too shouty for me. $1.5 million for a Veyron? Sure thing. $1.5 million for one of these? I think I’ll pass.

Source: Jalopnik

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