Suzusho Supasse V heading for Tokyo Motor Show

Small Japanese car manufacturer Suzusho will reveal their Supasse V at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show.

It will be powered by the 270hp engine out of the Mazdaspeed3. 270hp may not sound like a lot, but the car weighs only 850kg (1,874 lbs). This means it’ll be competing with the amazing Lotus Exige. Based solely on the looks though, I think I’d have the Exige. I can’t judge the car without knowing about how well it handles, especially since it’s up against the brilliantly handling Exige, but apparently Suzusho has made good handling cars before, so this should be good.

Prices should start around $50,000-$80,000, similar to the Exige. Some more details are available in the press release right after the gallery.

Press Release

Supasse V – Tokyo Motor Show 2009

This is the second car show of extremely high performance closed sports car Supasse V. Director Toshio Suzuki was a Racing driver. He and his two sons and his professional staff has been to designing and manufacturing sports car using 3D CAD systems for many years. The monocoque chassis and the suspension is designed by Suzusho. The rear sub frame is bolt on and is easily replaceable. The Suppasse-V is the closest thing on the road that is equal to a competitive racing car which, can be seen at Le-mans and many other circuits. The Body is shaped and designed by the famous Kenji Mimura, who is well known for Dome Zero and Le-mans cars in Japan. We are very pleased to present to you with satisfaction the Supasse V.


Length 3,873mm
Width 1,953mm
Height 1,160mm
Wheel Base 2,447mm
Track Fr/Rr 1,540mm / 1,550mm
Road Clearance 95mm
Weight 850Kg
Chassis Alminium twin tube monocoque , Steel tube sub frame
Body FRP
Engine L3-VDT
Power 2,260cc 264PS/5500rpm
Transmission 6 speed manual
Suspension Fr/Rr Double wishbone push-rod dumpers
Brake Fr/Rr 4pod ventilated disc / Single pot solid disc
Tyre size Fr/Rr 245/35-18 / 265/35-18
Wheel size Fr/Rr 8.5J/18 / 9.5J/18

Source: Autoblog

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