Toyota hybrids may be banned

Toyota Prius

Toyota hybrids may be banned in the USA, and presumably in Canada as well, because a company called Paice claims some of the cars violate their patents. They have filed for a lawsuit because of this.

There has already been a case like this before between Paice and Toyota. The cars concerned in that case were the second-generation Prius, Highlander Hybrid, and Lexus RX400h. Paice won the case, winning $4.3 million in damages. Paice’s request to halt sales of the hybrids wasn’t accepted however. Instead, Toyota would have to pay Paice royalties, 0.48% for each second-generation Prius, 0.32% for each Highlander and 0.26% for each RX400h. Toyota is now appealing that order.

This case concerns the Toyota Camry Hybrid, third-generation Prius, Lexus HS250h and Lexus RX450h. The US International Trade Commission is investigating the case, so an import ban is more likely this time.

Perhaps things won’t be as extreme as their hybrids being banned here, but Toyota will probably take a bit of a blow anyways.

Source: Bloomberg

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