British Man-In-A-Shed Car Heading for the Record Books

Keating TKR

Note: Article recreated after losing the original for an unknown reason.

British man-in-a-shed company Keating has got some serious ambitions: setting the record for the fastest production car in the world. They plan to do this using the Keating TKR.

It’s quite an amazing machine actually. It has a 7.0L engine developing an insane 1800hp. That’s about 800 more than the Bugatti Veyron, and about 600 more than the current record holder, the Shelby Supercars Ultimate Aero Twin Turbo. You’ve probably never heard of it though. Even if you have, you’ve probably never seen one in the flesh, as only 4 have been sold. 1 is in the UK, 1 is in the US, and two are in Australia.

Now, it’s already achieved what it needs to. In test runs, it hit 260.1mph, 3 more than the SSC Ultimate Aero and 7 more than the Bugatti Veyron. The problem is, that’s 3 more than the official record of the Ultimate Aero. The Ultimate Aero gets updated every year, and the latest model has a claimed top speed of 287mph, so while they can make the official record, so long as 260.1mph can be repeated again in the presence of officials, there will be people out there whining that it hasn’t beat 287mph. So to really prove itself, it needs to beat that. Keating realizes that, and has set themselves the goal of a whopping 300mph. I wish them good luck, and boy, would I love to have a ride in one of these myself. 1800hp at your disposal is my idea of heaven (Though it could also end in you actually going to heaven). Just one thing though, that rear end:

Keating TKR

Zonda rip-off?

Source: WorldCarFans and an Autoblog article which, by coincidence, seems to have disappeared as well (Or maybe I just can’t find it)

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