Considering Upgrading the Blog

Lately, I’ve been considering upgrading the blog. I’m quite happy with our progress so far, and so I’m thinking of moving up to a paid version.

This would mean a personal domain, less ties with WordPress (Would probably fix the ridiculous tag system bug), though I’d probably still use WordPress as a base, and more features, as I would be able to install plugins. There would be more room for personalization with custom CSS, HTML, and again, the plugins.

What I’d like to know is if any of you would be willing to donate to help cover the costs of this. I wouldn’t start a donation system until I actually got all these upgrades in place, to show you that your money isn’t going to waste. Depending on the money I’d spend each month, I’d set a monthly goal. So then, vote in the following poll about this. Keep in mind that you there’s no minimum donation amount, so you don’t have to donate big amounts, especially since the monthly goals are likely to be no more than $20.

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