783bhp Corvette C6 by Loma Performance

One of the meanest looking Corvette's out there

One of the meanest looking Corvette’s out there

So, German tuner Loma Performance (some guys I’ve personally never heard of) have been busy at bolting two turbochargers to a Corvette C6 and taking its horsepower figure up to 783. But don’t worry because they’ve also been working on other upgrades. The new car gets a rebuilt gearbox plus a new carbon fibre clutch to cope with the power as well as carbon fibre driveshafts. Now that’s all impressive stuff but if you ask me, the normal C6 already had plenty of power for what it’s suspension/chassis could manage so you would think this new one gets racing shocks and other sensible modifications. Well, no, it just gets the new OZ wheels, ceramic brakes and that new body kit. Who cares tough? Because just look at it. It’s amazing to look at, and the name is even better: Blackforce One. It sounds like a jet fighter. And it goes like one as well: 0-60 is dealt with in 3.4 seconds and you will be accelerating all the way up to 205mph. You will be able to choose from 300 different types of leather for the seats for the interior and you get some lovely Alcantara as well. The road going monster will be launched at the Essen Motor Show, will cost a whopping 190,000 euros and only 25 will be built.

Source: Autocar

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