M-tuned 1 Series may be in development

Reports are saying that BMW’s M division is developing their own version of the next-generation 1 series.

The straight-six engine will be tuned to developed around 330hp, compared to 306hp for the current 135i. It should be priced at around €35,000 in Europe, and roughly 45,000 USD in the US. As we expected, the M1 name will not be used, as that belongs to a timeless classic, and while this may end up being a good car, by no means can it be an M1 successor. I wonder what they’ll name it. Perhaps it will be just an M-Package.

An interesting thing to note though is that a while back, I recall an interview with someone from BMW who stated that an M version of the 1-Series wouldn’t be made. So perhaps these reports are false, or maybe they’ve changed their minds. I’d be very interested to see what the M division could do with a car which many believe is bringing BMW back to its driver’s car roots.

Source: WorldCarFans

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