MG6 unveiled

The MG6 has been revealed at China’s Guangzhou Motor Show. This is something we’ve been eagerly anticipating. Sure, on paper it doesn’t sound exciting, and in fact it probably isn’t, but it’s the first new car to come out of MG since the X-Power SV, and I’m quite a big fan of MG.

First impressions are quite good, it’s a fine-looking car. There are some worries though. It’s been made by the Shanghai Automobile Industry Corporation, based in China, and the Chinese aren’t really known for making brilliant cars. They’re known for making low quality, very unsafe cars, which often use designs completely copied from another make. The only upside is that they are quite cheap, but you get what you pay for.

Nonetheless, let’s not stereotype and instead have a look at the specifications to try and see whether or not the Chinese have done a good job. The car is based on the Roewe 550, a Chinese car from this same company. There are also bits from the Rover 75. It will be sold only in China at first, but has been engineered to meet US and European safety standards, so it may be exported. One of the countries being considered for export is, of course, the UK, MG’s home country. The car may be sold there beginning from next spring. Also, the car will be manufactured in Birmingham, UK.

The design is quite funky, clearly aiming at a young market. The engines offered are a 1.8L with 133bhp and a turbocharged version with 158bhp.

There is also a Roewe 350-based smaller MG in the works that is planned to get its first public airing in Guangzhou, but presumably not this year. Besides these cars, the company’s logo has been redesigned slightly to give it a fresher, more modern look.

Source: Autocar

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