Range Topping Lamborghini Urus Rumoured

With the Lamborghini Murcielago now dead, Lamborghini is working on a successor, known as the Jota. Rumours indicate that they’re also working on a range topping model known as the Urus.

The Urus will be built to compete with Ferrari’s upcoming Enzo successor, called the FX70. It will use a modified version of the Jota’s chassis, which is made of carbon-fibre. The body will be made completely out of carbon fibre and will have active aerodynamics. The engine will be the same one to be used in the Jota, a 6.0L V12, but while the Jota’s will have around 700hp, the Urus’ will be pumped up to an impressive 800hp. These kind of specs mean that the Urus may be able to finish the 0-100kph sprint in under 3 seconds. That’s a figure very few cars out there are capable of.

These specs probably mean an enormous price tag as well. Carbon fibre body, carbon fibre chassis and an enormous 800hp engine aren’t exactly cheap parts. The Jota is expected to debut some time next year, which the Urus should make its debut the year after, and go on sale in 2012.

Source: WorldCarFans

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