Volkswagen Polo R May be Produced

Volkswagen has a range of R cars, which currently consists of the Golf R and Scirocco R. Both are quite good looking, and come with the punch to match those looks.  Now there are reports coming in stating that in a few years, a Polo R will appear.

According to these reports, it should have a turbocharged 1.4L TSI engine putting out 190hp. The top speed is expected to be around 230kph (About 143mph), and it should cost around 27,000 Euros.

I’m not too sure if I’d be interested in such a thing, and even so, I believe the North American market doesn’t get any of the R cars, which is a shame, as I quite like the Scirocco R and the Golf R. I reckon it should be a good car though, just don’t know if I personally would want one.

Source: Eurocarblog

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