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9ff GT9-R

We mentioned the 9ff GT9-R in our Car of the Year nominees, but we’ve been too busy to get around to posting an article about it. But here it is.

The car is based around the 9ff GT9, which is loosely based around the Porsche 911 and already insanely quick with its 973hp and 409kph (About 254mph) top speed. Those crazy Germans thought that was a bit slow though. So they went back to the drawing board, and came up with the GT9-R.

So then, what are the figures for this? How does 1120hp and a claimed top speed of 414kph (Around 257mph) sound? That claimed top speed is enough to outrun the current production speed record holder, the Shelby Supercars Ultimate Aero Twin Turbo, which holds a record of 412kph (Roughly 256mph).

As for acceleration, 0-100kph (62mph) is dealt with in 2.9 seconds and 300kph (186mph) is hit in 15.8 seconds.

9ff GT9-R

The engine putting out that massive power is a 4.0L six-cylinder boxer engine.

There’s not much mention of what they’ve done to give it good handling, but they will custom tailor the aerodynamics to the customers needs. You can get your aerodynamics modified for top speed or for track performance.

Expect the price tag to be very steep, but if you’re feeling a bit poor, there are some cheaper versions, a 750hp version and a 987hp version. The 750hp version is optimized for handling. It gets a top speed of 380kph and will hit 300kph in 20 seconds. The 987hp version will go on to 409kph and will hit 300kph in 17 seconds. Any of these versions can be upgraded to a higher up version later on.

All three versions of the car are available with two gearboxes: a six speed manual and a six speed sequential. The 750hp version is also available with a five speed Tiptronic.

Sounds good to me, which is exactly why we’ve nominated it for our Tuned Car of the Year.

If you want to read 9ff’s press release, here it is:

best technology for the best performance
… consistent in every detail

The GT9-R is limited on 20 pieces worldwide. Each car which leaves our company after several tests will be unique, like their owners. The customer has the choice to create his GT9-R on his own preferences. The Exterieur Design is adjustable to the performance of the car. It is available as a
topspeed performance or a track performance model. We offer several aerodynamic solutions for matching the performance of the car best to the customer.

The engine is available in 3 stages. Each stage has its own advantage. So the driver can learn how to handle the GT9-R step by step without risk. The engine stages are upgradeable anytime.

Mid Engine Concept
4.0 – 6 cylinder Boxer engine
0-100 km/h in 2.9 seconds
0-300 km/h in 15,8 seconds
Topspeed 414 km/h
GT9-R 1120 HP

… in each aspect
In the world of the supersportcars the GT9-R is a class of its own.
His powerful exterieur has been designed for maximum performance on the
racetracks all over the world and also on the street. Diving emotions like in no other
car before.

… individual like the customer
The GT9-R starts with a 750 HP kit which is good for a maximum speed of 380 kmph and an acceleration time from 0-300 in 20 seconds and optimized for track performance. The se-cond stage of 987 HP has build for track performance and also a Highspeed racer which reaches 409 kmph and accelerates in 17 seconds from 0-300 kmph. The third stage is the
ultimate driving machine. With its 1120 HP it hits a Topspeed of 414 kmph and goes from standing to 300 in only 15.8 seconds.

… streetlegal
Best technology for the best performance. The GT9-R is a lightweight car which has only one target – best performance in every situation. A lightweight construction combined with an engine which contains the know how of 7 years in developing turbo engines gives the car the
ability to be the most exclusive streetlegal car in the world.

The gear can be ordered in 3 different types
• 6 speed manual
• 6 speed sequential
• 5 speed Tiptronic (only in combination with 750 HP)

Source: Autoblog

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