Aston Martin shows us finished Cygnet

Aston Martin has revealed the finished Cygnet, and say that they want to put it on sale in Europe sometime in 2010.

Underneath, the car is heavily based on the Toyota iQ, which is a rubbish car. It’ll fit two people comfortably, but the supposedly spacious rear seats are stupid, and it looks hideous. The trunk isn’t exactly big either. This Aston Martin counterpart is no different.

The Aston Martin design language looks gorgeous on the likes of the DB9 and V8 Vantage, but putting it onto a Toyota iQ makes it look horrid. It’s a disgrace to the brand.

The Cygnet is still currently a concept, but Aston has serious plans to put it on sale. Aston, what the hell are you thinking?

Press Release

Aston Martin today releases the first official images of the ‘Cygnet’ – a new luxury commuter concept car.

The Cygnet concept represents a creative, environmentally conscious solution, being small, yet with presence – and highly fuel efficient, now combined with the prestige of Aston Martin’s luxury brand ownership.

Work on the concept is ongoing and will continue into 2010 when it is hoped that it will become a production reality initially available to Aston Martin customers in the UK and Europe.

Source: Autoblog

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