Infiniti reveals a car for those of us who feel a bit rich

Infinti has revealed a special edition of the FX called the FX Millionaire Edition. You can get the package on either the FX37 or the FX50, though I suspect the market this is aiming at will most likely prefer the FX50.

On the exterior, you get some nice dark graphite trim, much better than the usual chrome manufacturers place on their special editions. You can get it in either Obsidian Black or White Moonlight paint schemes. It must look fantastic in Obsidian Black.

The interior gets Alcantra with brown stitching and carbon fibre trim. You also get all the optional goodies in the catalog, including sat-nav, Infiniti’s Around View Monitor system and a Bose audio system.

The package is only available in Europe though, and no more than 100 will be made. The FX50 version sells for roughly 145,000 USD, nearly twice the base price of the FX50. That seems like a hell of a lot for just a view additions, but then again, you get to say you have a “Millionaire Edition” car, and the target market probably doesn’t care how much it costs anyways. The car will be unveiled next week at Amsterdam’s Millionaire Fair.

Source: Autoblog

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