Land Rover adds to the Freelander 2 lineup

News from the UK as Land Rover has launched 2 special editions of their Freelander 2 SUV. They’re called simply the White & Black special editions and will be put on sale in January 2010.

They will cost £19,945 and, quite obvious really, they will be available only in black or white. These “special” Freelanders will get a 2.2-litre diesel engine coupled to a six-speed manual transmission. As standard, you get a keyless starter button, those 17-inch alloy wheels (as seen above), tinted windows and a load space cover.

Land Rover also plan to introduce a sporty version of the Freelander next year with the same diesel engine as the specials above. However, the sport will get 19-inch alloys, a spoiler and some other minor look changes. Expect the Freelander 2 Sport to go on sale in January with a price of £26,695.

Land Rover Freelander 2 Sport

Source: Autocar

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