MINI recalling the Cooper and Cooper S

MINI, or if you want to be pedantic, their parent company BMW, is recalling 205 2010 MINI Coopers and MINI Cooper S’, due to incorrect tire information.

Affected vehicles were fitted with new 17-inch wheels, but the tire labels state the wheels are 16-inch. For the Cooper S, the tire pressure on the label is incorrect too. This could lead to improper tire fitment and inflation, decreasing the durability of the tire and stability of the vehicle, and therefore the safety of it as well.

BMW is unaware of any accidents or injuries occurring from this problem, but it could eventually happen.

BMW says “With the release of the 17-inch wheels for the 2010 Mini Cooper and Cooper S, a simultaneous release of the corresponding 17-inch tire pressure labels did not occur.”

Dealers will send the proper labels to consumers via mail, or owners may choose to have the label installed by their local dealer. The recall begins sometime this December.

If you own a MINI Cooper or MINI Cooper S, have it checked out with your dealer. Don’t do anything with the tire pressure until then.

Source: Inside Line

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