Possible investor for Spyker's renewed Saab deal discovered, details on Saab dealer conference call emerge

Spyker has been refusing to say what investor is behind their renewed Saab deal. Now, rumours suggest that it is Dutch billionaire Marcel Boekhoorn.

He personally denies this, saying “All not true. It is invented.” Mr. Boekhoorn is quite an influential person at Spyker though. He holds a stake in the company and often acts as an adviser for Spyker’s owner Victor R. Muller.

Reports say that one of General Motors’ eleven issues with Spyker’s offer was the Russian backing from Vladimir and Alexander Antonov, who together hold a 29.3 percent stake in Spyker. Apparently they feared Saab’s technology falling into Russian hands. Very racist of them, but nonetheless. It has apparently been confirmed that they are not behind the renewed offer, and Victor R. Muller himself said it’s not Mubadala Development, who hold a 22.7 percent stake. This makes Boekhoorn even more likely to be behind the deal.

Besides this, I have been tipped off by a person working at a Saab dealer on some details from a conference call GM held with Saab dealers worldwide.

Originally, it was intended that they would discuss the winding down of the brand, but with the new offers coming in, this changed, and they didn’t have time to cancel the call. So they didn’t discuss much.

They said that negotiations for selling Saab are ongoing, and most importantly, Saab will be sold to the bidder who is currently preferred. Our insider is unsure if it is still Spyker, but it’s possible. Does this mean Saab will definitely live? Not necessarily, but there’s hope.

Source: Just-Auto and Telegraaf via Autoblog

Thanks to our insider for providing us with info from that conference call

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