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General Motors’ Mark Reuss mulling more diesels for their North American lineup

Mark ReussIt seems that my plea for diesels in North America was very well-timed. Since then, we’ve seen the rollout of several new diesels at the LA Auto Show, and now this – Mark Reuss, President of General Motors North America, says he is in favour of more diesels for the lineup, with one already confirmed and one being considered for next year.

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General Motors partners with Teijin Limited to put carbon fibre into broad automotive use

Carbon fibre: it’s the holy grail of materials in the world of cars. Being both lighter and stronger than steel, it’s been put to good use in race cars and high-end sports car for several years. However, it’s always come with one key drawback that’s prevented it from trickling down to more affordable products: the price. But General Motors has partnered with Teijin Limited, a carbon fibre composite manufacturer, in hopes that they can bring the material to the masses.

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