Schumacher and Mercedes GP deal possibility confirmed

Michael Schumacher has told Ferrari that there is a “very, very, very strong possibility” that he will be racing for Mercedes-Benz GP next season.

Luca di Montezemolo, president of Ferrari, said “I hadn’t spoken to him [Schumacher] since Abu Dhabi but I spoke to him on Wednesday. He phoned me and he told me that there is a very, very, very strong possibility [of him racing for Mercedes-Benz GP]. Having said that, it is not 100 per cent decided. But that is what he said yesterday morning.”

He also says that he will remain friends with Schumacher, even if he does leave to Mercedes.

“Don’t forget that when you start collaboration with a driver as long ago as we did with Michael, in 1995, over 14 years ago, you are also a friend. You can agree and disagree but you remain friends. I won’t forget what he did for Ferrari and he won’t forget what we did for him.”

di Montezemolo previously said that he would let Schumacher leave Ferrari if he chose to do so, so that’s one obstacle down. It was reported that the main obstacle was Schumacher’s health condition. It looks like that could be out of the way now too.

Guardian is reporting that Schumacher is “super-fit”. Schumacher’s manager, Willi Weber said the following about his health:

“Michael is super-fit. [His doctor] Dr Peil said he has made giant progress.”

Presumably the only thing left to get out of the way is to iron out any disagreements in the contract. I personally would love to see Schumacher race again, so I’m hoping a contract gets signed.

Source: Autocar and Guardian

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