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The blog has exceeded 3,000 views today – Let’s celebrate with flames!

Mazda RX-8 at 2012 24 Hours of DaytonaViewership here on The Blog of Cars hasn’t typically been particularly high – I expect about 200 views on a good day. But thanks to a bizarre fluke involving a comment on Reddit, today we’ve exceeded 3,000 views. In fact, we’re currently at 3,518 with just under 5 hours to go in the day. Being a fluke, this may not last particularly long, but to entice you guys to come back again, have this fantastic photo of a flamethrower Mazda RX-8 at the 2012 24 Hours of Daytona. Happy Tuesday everyone, and thanks for reading The Blog of Cars!

Image Credit: kabelphoto (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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Vorsprung durch Hoonage – Enjoy a photo of some fun in the snow, quattro-style

Audi Sport quattro S1

Living in Canada, it feels pretty ironic that I still haven’t seen any snow this winter. In fact, it sucks really. There’s just 9 days to Christmas after all. To alleviate my disappointment, I found this photo of an Audi Sport quattro S1 having a bit of fun in the snow. If only I could do the same. Maybe Mother Nature will get the hint and send some snow this way!

Image credit: Audi

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End your Saturday on a positive note with some great safety cars

Saturday has nearly come to an end. To some it may have been a very good day, and to others not so much. Whichever group you belong to, let’s end the day on a positive note with this photo of the unsung heroes of Le Mans – the safety cars. With the RS4’s throaty 4.2L V8, and the baritone 5.0L V10 of the S6, I’m sure these cars complimented the racecar noises wonderfully when called to their duties at the 2007 iteration of the race.

Image Credit: David Lewis (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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Porsche gives us a teaser of the new 911 GT3 Cup

When Porsche rolled out the latest iteration of the 911, we only received two variants – the Carrera and Carrera S. But later we got a convertible, and then all-wheel-drive versions. And so the gradual roll-out of the whole lineup continues, with a teaser video of the latest version of the 911 GT3 Cup.

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What’s the greatest motorsports livery ever raced?

imageThose of you who follow motorsports will probably agree with me that racecar livery is quite important. No, not important in the go-fast sense, but rather by making the car stand out. Many liveries have even become iconic over the years, such as the John Player Special colours from Lotus’ Formula 1 team, or the Martini Racing warpaint featured on all sorts of cars over the years. So, that got me thinking: what’s your favourite racing livery?

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Sebastian Vettel takes his 3rd consecutive driver’s championship at Brazilian GP

The 2012 Formula 1 season  has been an absolutely phenomenal one, with some very close racing. Because of just how close things were, the driver’s championship came down to the last race today, the Brazilian GP. It was between Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel. But after all was said and done, Vettel managed to clinch his third consecutive championship. Congratulations!

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Audi captures their eleventh Le Mans victory, first-ever hybrid victory with R18 e-tron quattro

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is, without a doubt, one of the most grueling motorsports events in the world, pushing man and machine to their absolute limits for 24 hours. Winning it, even once, is a great achievement. But Audi has managed to take home their eleventh victory today, with a 1-2-3-5 finish at the 80th running of the famous endurance race.

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