Spyker interested in Saab, Merbanco out

Saab 9-5

Netherlands-based manufacturer Spyker is now in the running to purchase Saab. They have released a statement confirming this, which you can see after the jump. Spyker is quite a mad company, and it would be interesting to see what Saabs would be created if they were to take over.

Another bidder, Wyoming-based merchant bank Merbanco, has not been chosen by GM as a possible purchaser. They have no chance of buying Saab anymore. It’s now between Spyker and the Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Corporation (BAIC).

There also rumours that the recent axing of Fritz Henderson from General Motors (Which we haven’t featured, terribly sorry) was because he wanted to close Saab, while the rest of the board wanted to sell it. It’s definitely possible that the board would prefer to sell Saab than the pay shutdown costs.

Spyker’s Press Release


ZEEWOLDE, The Netherlands (December 2, 2009) – In response to market enquiries, Spyker Cars confirms that it, together with its shareholder Convers Group, has expressed an interest in Saab Automobile AB. If and when we are able to comment further, we will do so but we are unable to provide more information at this time.

Source: Autoblog

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