GM employees pushing for Cruze SS

MotorAuthority was recently speaking with Phil Colley of GM’s Advanced Technology Communications team, and he said that there is a strong desire within the company to get some fast, small cars done again. This has resulted in a push for a Cruze SS.

The formula for a car like this would be to put the 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder engine from the now-deceased Cobalt SS into the Cruze, and give it some aggressive styling.

Phil said that the torsion beam rear axle of the Cruze wouldn’t be appropriate for an SS version, and if such a car were to be created, it would probably be replaced with a more advanced multi-link setup. The only problem is that such a setup would increase prices, possibly too much for the market segment. Even with the current axle, a Cruze SS could prove to be a success.

If such a car is approved though, it probably won’t appear until after the Cruze’s mid-model refresh, around 2014.

Source: MotorAuthority

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