Tata Nano heads for Europe

The Nano Europa will have different styling compared to its Indian counterpart

Tata’s Nano, the world’s cheapest car, is heading to Europe in 2011, and full details have already been released.

The Indian version of this car costs less than £2000, but as always with these things, it gets more expensive when it comes to Europe, as we demand more creature comforts. So, in the UK it is expected to cost somewhere between £4000 – £5000. Even though the price tag has been raised, it’s still unbelievably cheap.

Now, the big question: How much new kit will the European Nano get? First of all, the engine. Sometimes, when going to buy a car, you get lost by thinking what engine you want. Thankfully, you won’t be struggling with the Nano, as it will get only one engine. It will be a small, 1.0L three-cylinder which, on a good day, will be sending 60 hp to the front wheels. We will also get a five speed gearbox as opposed to the Indians, which only get four gears. The body will be much safer as well, and in the rear you get all-independent suspension. ABS, traction control, electric power steering and twin airbags will also be available on the Euro Nano.

Source: Autocar

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