Toyota to unveil Etios budget car at New Delhi Auto Expo

Toyota will be unveiling a budget car dubbed the Etios at the 2010 New Delhi Auto Expo. The car will only be a concept, but will make it into production form.

Toyota says the concept car is 90% production reality. It won’t be a Tata Nano rival despite being a budget car. It’s aimed at a slightly higher market than the Nano with a price tag of around $10,000.

The name Etios means ‘the origin of’. There will be a hatchback and sedan variant. The sedan will go on sale first, with the hatch following three months later. Both variants will be shown in New Delhi.

Since it is a budget car, there are plenty of things done to keep the price down, including limited sound proofing, a hard but durable interior, basic seats and only one windscreen wiper. There will be two engine options, a 1.4L diesel engine, currently available in the Yaris, or a 1.2- or 1.3-litre gasoline engine. It is still unclear whether it will stay 1.3L or be downsized to 1.2 to conform with small car regulations.

Sales will be begin near the end of 2010, in areas such as India, Russia and South America. Production should start in India, but some production will be done in Brazil beginning in 2011.

Toyota will display this car along 13 other concept and production cars at the Auto Expo, which begins January 5th.

Source: Autocar

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