VW Jetta Name Confirmed for Small Sedan

It seems like VW will be using the Jetta name for a new compact sedan built in Mexico. Unlike the last Jetta, this one apparently won’t be a Golf with a trunk glued to its bottom but a bespoke car. Given the fact that the Golf Mk 6, the new Polo, and the new Fox look exactly the same, differing only in size, we can surely believe them that the new car will be bespoke indeed. In size. Apparently the new Jetta will arrive in June 2010 but it could get another name in Europe. The car will be first launched in the US and only then prepared for its European debut.

Another possibility for VW is to bring the Polo in the US. As Ford did it with the Fiesta and Mazda with the 2, so bringing the Polo to America sounds like the sensible thing to do as it is a good little car which can easily rival the other two. Whatever the plans of VW, now the biggest car maker in the world, for the US it will be interesting to see what they’ll come up with.

Source: Car and Driver via Autoblog

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