BMW updates 3 Series coupe and convertible

BMW have updated their current 3 Series range through a facelift for the coupe and convertible models. Apart from the cosmetic revisions, a new range of improved engines is also a headline.

The new motors seem to focus (every single manufacturer claims this lately) on lowering CO2 emissions without a decrease in power or responsiveness.

“The BMW 3 Series Coupé and Convertible were already class-leading models, but we have no intention of sitting on our laurels and are offering customers more of what they want – on-road performance and ever more fuel efficiency with lower CO2 emissions”, Tim Abbott, Managing Director of BMW UK, said. “These inspirational models come at the same time as a true CO2 champion in the form of the BMW 320d EfficientDynamics Saloon. This is a car which combines true BMW performance with astonishing fuel efficiency.”

The four-cylinder diesel engine now delivers 184 hp which means a massive 7 hp gain over the old one. 30 Nm of torque have also been gained, raising the combined sum to a respectable 380 which means the coupe can get from 0-100 km/h in 7.5 seconds now, 0.4 seconds faster than before. Fuel consumption has been lowered a bit and the new engine produces 3 g/km less CO2 emissions. The new cabrio 3 Series reaches 100 kph in 8.3 seconds, does 55.4mpg, produces 135 g/km of CO2 and has a top speed of 228 km/h ( 8km/h less than the Coupé).

The six-cylinder 325d now has 204 hp (7 more than before), 400 Nm (30 more), takes 6.9 seconds to 100 km/h (0.4 sec. faster), the same fuel efficiency and 2 g/km less CO2 comes out of the back.

The last diesel of the bunch, the 335d also gets minor improvements and when I say minor, I do mean minor as BMW hasn’t even bothered to release many figures.

Last but not least, the mighty 335i now packs 306hp and 400Nm with “significantly reduced” consumption and emissions. The improvements have been achieved trough the use of variable valve timing and it now features only one turbocharger as opposed to the previous two used by BMW. In the UK, owners will now pay less tax for this model as its emission bracket has dropped.

On the outside the changes we can see are: new front and rear lights with LED rings, the revised BMW “kidney” grille which now gets a chromed band around it, a new front splitter, a larger air intake at the front for a more aggressive look and new bumpers. Due to the new bumpers, the overall length of the cars has increased by a couple of millimeters.

Sales in the UK will start in late March this year with a reserved price of £27,845 for the 320i SE coupé and £30,200 for the 320d SE. The basic convertible will cost £32,905 with the 2.0 petrol engine.

Check out our huge image gallery below and scoop up the new updates in the 3 Series range.

Source: BMW

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