Cheap Car of the Year: Winner

Today it’s time to unveil our Cheap Car of the Year. As the title says, it has to be cheap but that doesn’t mean it has to be rubbish to drive or made out of old wheelie bins. Small, light, agile and fun was the thing we looked for.

And the winner is:

Renault Twingo

The Renault Twingo. Yes, it is French but the new generation looks really, really chic and happy. It also has a funky touch, we think. It’s also light wich means it handles well so it’s fun to drive. Running it doesn’t cost very much either and the fact we like most about it that it’s such a frisk, willing car even tough it is not powerful. It’s especially brilliant in rally car form or as a Gordini model.

Runner Up: Volkswagen Polo

Even tough the Polo won the Car of the Year title in Europe, it only came in second place in our preferences. Why? Because it tries to take itself too seriously. It has superior materials to the Clio, it’s better built as well, but it is so focused, it isn’t that fun anymore. However, if you judge a car by what it can do only, than this is a brilliant machine. Because of its German nature tough, it falls short of passion.

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