Jaguar to produce a new C-Type, denies XJ Coupe rumours

A report from Inside Line says that Jaguar has confirmed a new C-Type, as well as denied rumours of an XJ Coupe.

The new C-Type will be the first coupe besides the XK that Jaguar has made in years. It will reportedly be based on a new aluminum monocoque chassis, and available in both coupe and convertible form (with a soft-top roof). There will be just two seats, rather than the XK’s 2+2 configuration.

Powering the engine will be a new V6 engine, based on Jaguar’s 5.0L V8. There will also be a turbo version, using some technology taken from former owner Ford. The engine will reportedly spread across the range with time, as part of Jaguar’s effort to increase fuel efficiency. That V6 doesn’t mean there won’t be a performance version though. Jaguar will be leaving enough space in the front for the 5.0L V8, so that an R version could be possible.

The same insider who provided this info also says that he hasn’t heard of an XJ Coupe planned, as rumours suggested some time ago.

I’m looking forward to this C-Type, hopefully Jaguar won’t mess it up.

Source: Inside Line via Autoblog | Picture: Brian Snelson

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