Mercedes planning plug-in hybrid S-Class

As Mercedes-Benz already started work on their new S-class, rumours say that the next executive Merc might be released in the form of a plug-in hybrid as well.

The chances of this happening are quite high we reckon as Mercedes already launched their first production hybrid as the S400 nicknamed BlueHybrid. Even more, the German firm presented us the Vision S500 concept car (which you can see in the pictures above and below), a modified S-Class turned into a plug-in hybrid, and acclaimed it as the first “three-litre car” in the premium segment.

If so, the car is not expected to use the current S400 BlueHybrid system as that doesn’t support electric only driving. Mercedes will most likely use the drivetrain from their Vision S500 concept presented at Frankfurt last year. As we cannot be sure what their intentions are, we will await further information on that. Rumours are that Daimler might even develop a whole new one just for the next S-Class.

A thing we can be sure of is that an all-electric version of the next-gen car will not be released. “It could be possible, but no, our customers expect a certain range and a level of comfort, safety and space; such things lead to a certain weight and that won’t mean a good range.” said Mercedes R&D boss Thomas Weber. If this car will ever go into production, it is expected to produce less than 100g/km of CO2 and more than 80mpg. Impressive indeed for such a big, comfy, executive saloon.

Source: Autocar via Autoblog

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