Pagani’s aviation tribute: the Zonda Tricolore

Italian supercar maker Pagani has released a new edition of their flagship Zonda. It’s called the Tricolore and people will be able to see it in the flesh at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.

Pagani’s Zonda Tricolore edition is based on the already rare and special Zonda Cinque but it has received some special details to honour Italy’s air force aerobatics team: the Frecce Tricolori.

A special carbon-titanium composite is used to make the car and for this edition, most of it is on display as the body is left almost unpainted. The only painted parts are the stripes representing the Italian flag which run over the whole car.

LED lights and some extra air vents are the only features that separate the Tricolore and the Cinque apart.

Only one Zonda Tricolore will be set on sale with a reserved price of 1.3 million euros.

Source: Autocar

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0 thoughts on “Pagani’s aviation tribute: the Zonda Tricolore

  1. Tina Coon says:

    The look of that car makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :-)

  2. It makes me feel scared and brings back my thoughs of moving to Italy :). It looks awesome in this paint scheme.

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