Ginetta purchases Fabrio, rebadges GTS, could bring it to US

Ginetta has purchased Fabrio, and is creating a rebadged version of the GTS under their own brand.

The rebadged car, dubbed the Ginetta F400, is based on the Fabrio GTS400, the top of the line variant of the GTS. There don’t appear to be any differences between the F400 and GTS400. As with the GTS, the F400 will be powered by a supercharged 3.0L V6 developing 410 bhp. Chris Marsh, the guy behind Fabrio, will remain in charge of the Fabrio wing of Ginetta, although the Fabrio name will eventually be killed off and all Fabrios will be called Ginettas. Ginetta will also be making use of Fabrio’s in-house carbon fibre component production facility.

Ginetta’s plans for the brand include focusing on sales in the UK, rather than Japan and the Middle East as Fabrio did when it was independent. More importantly however, they are planning to homologate them for road use in the US. A Ginetta team will be flying to the US next week for the certification process.

We have requested pictures of the Ginetta F400 from Ginetta, but for now, have a look at the Fabrio GTS. They’re pretty much the same anyways. We’ll update the post with F400 pictures as soon as we get them, keep an eye out for that.

Press Release

Ginetta Announces New Road Car
Iconic British car marque Ginetta, has extended its road car proposition by acquiring Bath-based supercar manufacturer Farbio Sports Cars. Driving the deal is Ginetta Chairman Lawrence Tomlinson, who acquired Ginetta in 2005 and has pushed the sports car maker to new levels.

With three highly successful one-make championships and the GT winning G50 which has beaten the likes of Aston Martin, the Leeds-based manufacturer has become a major player on the global motorsport scene.

Meanwhile, Farbio, which was established in 2005 by former racing driver Chris Marsh, offers a stunning lightweight British supercar in the form of the Farbio GTS and its enhanced performance models the GTS350 and GTS400. The cars unique selling point comes in its ground-breaking carbon fibre body which is manufactured at specialist facilities at Farbio’s Bath factory – and ensures that the cars are lighter than an average Ford Fiesta at just 1048 kg.

With the top of the range GTS400 reaching an impressive 410bhp, Farbio has produced a super quick road car with the handling of a race car. It has received phenomenal press reviews, with the Sunday Times calling the GTS400 “one of the best cars this country has ever produced”. Farbio has already set up an impressive worldwide Dealer Network and the fusion of the two marques will add to the global presence of the automotive group. A rebadged Ginetta F400 was unveiled today at Silverstone by Tomlinson and Marsh

Chairman Lawrence Tomlinson said: “I have been continually impressed by Farbio – Chris Marsh and his team have established a car which incorporates complex design with obvious beauty. The acquisition by Ginetta will mean that we can further develop on the existing carbon fibre component facility which is housed at Bath whilst using Ginetta’s considerable motorsport credentials and inherently strong brand identity to propel a road car to international acclaim. I am very confident that bringing Farbio under the Ginetta marque will be an incredibly positive move.”

Managing Director, Chris Marsh has followed the Ginetta brand since its acquisition by Tomlinson. He added “The accomplishments that have been made by Ginetta have been fantastic. I have been following Lawrence’s achievements over the past years, having been at Le Mans for his first win in 2006 and am very much looking forward to working with him and his team to expand and develop the brand. Both companies will mutually benefit from their individual qualities and strengths resulting in a strong and enhanced global position in the sports car market”.

Chris Marsh will remain as Managing Director with the existing team set to expand significantly. The Farbio brand will be re-named Ginetta.

Source: Ginetta and PistonHeads via Autoblog

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