Mazda recalling 12,000 of its CX-9s

Mazda is recalling 12,000 CX-9s, model year 2010, due to an issue with the optional heated front seats.

The problem is that the seat heater control circuit can overheat and result in smoke, or in the worst case scenario, fire. The cars affected were built in Hiroshima, Japan, from July 28th, 2009 to January 14th, 2010. This will only happen under extremely cold conditions. At least one incident has been reported.

To fix this, Mazda dealers will be installing an additional ground harness on the seat heater control system. The heater control circuit and/or seat will be replaced or repaired  if necessary. The recall will begin March 9th.

If you own a CX-9, call your dealer to arrange for a fix. Don’t use the seat heaters until the fix is installed.

Source: Inside Line


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