Mopar reportedly planning a fifth ‘Moparized’ vehicle for Easter Jeep Safari reports that Mopar is planning a fifth ‘Moparized’ vehicle for the Easter Jeep Safari, based on the Ram 1500.

It will be a long travel suspension version of the 1500. Chrysler will reportedly team up with baja veteran Kent Kroeker for this project. He has had his fair share of success in baja racing, and also runs a company specializing in aftermarket lift-kits and suspensions for Dodge trucks. This will essentially be a competitor to the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor, although it is said that there is no production intent for this car, but nor is it a project truck. It’s more of a research project, although this could mean that whatever knowledge they gain from this project will go into a future production car or Mopar accessory kit.

Despite sounding similar, this car will be different from the planned Ram Power Wagon. The Power Wagon will be a rock crawler designed for maximum traction and articulation using front and rear solid axles. This 1500 will be focused on responsive suspension travel, which helps soak up bumps in fast off-road situations, such as baja. The suspension will also be designed to remain cool in these tough circumstances.

More details will become available during the Easter Jeep Safari. We’ll keep you updated.


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