So, the new police interceptor

Ford Police Interceptor Concept

Ford seems to disagree with my idea of a proper American police car.

Regular readers will probably remember the “Ode to the Crown Vic” that was posted here not that long ago and written by yours truly (With lengthy editing by our very own Igor Magun). In that article, I…well…praised the Crown Vic in its police interceptor form. Ford, however, wants to take the Police Interceptor and give it a complete makeover.Ford would rather not call it a Taurus, but that’s just what it is.

Ford Taurus SHO

First things first, it has a V6, which is two cylinders less that what I think when I think “American police car”. It also has AWD, so it sends power to the wrong wheels as well. It’s Unibody instead of the tried and true Body-on-frame. But here’s the thing, I don’t like when opinions hamper the progress of cars or when it causes unbiased views and this is what’s happening to me at this point. I can’t look at this Taurus with a unbiased opinion. I really love the Crown Vic. It’s my Companion Cube. However, I’ll try to do my best. Besides, Tauruses (Tauri?) have already done police duty.

The V6 is either a standard Taurus V6 or the SHO’s brilliant EcoBoost 3.5L V6 with its impressive torque curve, (Although it looks more like a torque straight), the engines themselves get heavy-duty cooling systems, and are overall very reinforced. Also,with AWD, while I’ll miss watching a Crown Vic powersliding, I’m pretty sure that AWD will be much more practical in the everyday life of an officer.

Ford Taurus SHO power graph

It is progress from the Crown Vic. But I would still rather have the Caprice.

Oh, another thing, I was looking around the internet and stumbled upon this. It’s a 2001 prototype for a second-generation CVPI. My memories would likely wouldn’t be as fond if this had gone through.

Ford Police Interceptor Concept

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