Subaru Impreza XV: What is the point of this car?

This is the Subaru Impreza XV, launched earlier this month at the Geneva Motor Show. However, we’re struggling to figure out why you’d possibly buy this.

When you say Subaru Impreza to someone who knows cars they’ll have visions of the WRX STI, preferably in WR Blue Mica. Tell it to someone who doesn’t know about cars and maybe they’ll think of the Rally Version of the Impreza which cemented Subaru in the WRC when it replaced the Legacy in 1993, most people tend to forget the standard Impreza in the midst of the Japanese small car options available.

Now, Subaru has released a special version of the Impreza, the XV which we mentioned earlier. It is essentially a Impreza 5-door with some tweaks to make it look more rugged. This is my greatest gripe with it, the Impreza has enough rally fame to be considered a dirt road specialist and the WRX STI is built with the explicit purpose of living the rallying fantasies of anyone that buys it.

Going back to the XV, the ride height hasn’t been changed, and it keeps the same engines and gearboxes that the standard Impreza does. As a matter of fact, this is a Impreza with a bodykit, a better fitting bodykit than the ones some people fit on their Imprezas but nonetheless. To add more problems, I think the only place this would sell is in the US, yet Subaru has expressed no intention of  exporting it there. Besides, Subaru already has an Impreza with a bodykit.

To summarize, the XV is a pointless idea, which won’t be sold on the only place it possibly can, and serves a purpose that already is fulfilled by its big brother.

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