Subaru version of Toyota FT-86 won’t get AWD

Japanese magazine Best Car reports that the Subaru version of the Toyota FT-86 won’t be getting AWD as originally planned.

The FT-86 has been co-developed by Subaru and Toyota. Toyota was supposed to get the cheaper, less powerful, RWD variant, while Subaru would get a more expensive, more powerful, AWD version. However, development costs have reportedly forced Subaru to ditch the AWD system in favour of a cheaper RWD alternative.

Since this will give the Subaru less mechanical differences, it will make it less competitive with the FT-86. However, Subaru is turning to exterior styling to try and make the car more competitive. They will work on a unique front end rather than swapping badges and grilles as originally planned. Also, if Toyota launches a sportier G Sports edition of the FT-86, Subaru will launch an STI version of their car to compete.

I’m sure plenty of RWD purists will be happy. I personally don’t really care all that much. I’m just hoping that the FT-86 will help return Toyota to its cheap fun car roots.

Source: 7Tune

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