Autocar gets a ride in a prototype MG 6

Autocar has gotten an exclusive first ride in a prototype of the upcoming MG 6.

If you are, like me, a fan of MG, you’ll be happy to hear that Autocar likes the way it drives. Andy Kitson, MG’s head of chassis, says that their benchmark for ride and handling was the Ford Focus. Autocar goes as far as saying that the car is best in class to drive, despite some tweaks still being planned, as they drove a prototype.

There are some bad points though. The interior is “a bit austere” and “the design looks flat in places”. They also said that the gearchange could be improved, and so could the NVH levels. Interestingly, they cited using a five-speed manual, despite only a five-speed automatic being announced when the car was launched. That’s more good news to hear.

Good handling wasn’t the only plus point though. They said it was spacious, and that it is expected to be priced competitively. Oh, and if the bad bits are pushing you back, remember that this is a prototype, and that things can, and most likely will, be improved.

You can read the full review over at Autocar.

Source: Autocar

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