Finland makes an electric sports car: the Electric Raceabout

The Finns have made an electric sports car called the Electric Raceabout.

It was designed and built completely by students from Helsinki Metropolia University, and while it’s not exactly a looker, performance sounds promising. 0 – 60 mph is dealt with in under five seconds, and all four electric motors (One for each wheel) will keep on whispering until you hit 125 mph. There are enough lithium ion batteries stashed behind the seats to give it a range of 200 miles. As for handling, it has suspension borrowed from the Audi R8 and a weight of just 1250 kg. If the R8 is anything to go by, this should handle beautifully.

The designers plan to enter the car in September’s Automotive X-Prize competition. If they’re successful there, they hope to raise enough money to put the Raceabout into small-scale production in Finland.

Source: Raceabout via (translated) via Jalopnik

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