Gordon Murray's T25 city car spied

Autocar has spied Gordon Murray’s revolutionary new T25 city car being tested for the first time.

The T25, which is powered by a 1.0 rear mounted petrol engine mated to a clutchless six speed transmission, has a 3 seat layout and weighs less than 650kg. It is smaller than both the Smart ForTwo and the Toyota IQ.

Murray, the man behind the McLaren F1, hopes his new car will be the first of a new generation of  small cars which are both economical and good to drive.

As well as the T25 itself, Murray has come up with a new manufacturing process called iStream which massively reduces the investment, factory space and energy used in the manufacturing of the car.

This is the first time that the single front door has been seen, it swings up then forwards to give the best possible access to the cabin, the seating arrangement of which is similar to that of the F1, with a central driver and two passengers either side and slightly behind.

Murray believes the car will be ready for production within 2 years and hopes to have the first iStream factory set up in the UK by that time with others around the world to come later.

Source: Autocar

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