Hope for Hummer: One bidder left for Hummer, but will GM consider their offer?

As it turns out, there is still hope for Hummer. The Car Connection reports that there is one more bidder left: Raser Technologies.

The guys over at Raser have expressed their interest in the company both before the bid by Sichuan Tengzhong and after the deal went sour. Raser Technologies is the maker of Hummer H3 EV conversions, and it makes sense for them to be interested in the purchase of Hummer. If Raser were to buy Hummer, they would try to turn it into a green company. While the company’s main focus is on geothermal energy, they have also developed their own extended-range plug-in hybrid technology, which they might use if they were to purchase Hummer.

Some speculate that this plug-in hybrid technology might be getting in the way of the deal, as it could compete with GM’s, but Autoblog thinks this is unlikely. We’ll have to wait and see what General Motors does. Will they proceed with the wind down, or will Raser’s bid satisfy them?

Source: The Car Connection via Autoblog

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