The MG6 might just succeed in putting MG on the map again.

It’s fair to say that history has never been kind on MG. Most people stateside only remember the MGB as that roadster with rubbish handling because they raised the car to comply with US headlight height regulations.

Before that, and in their years of BMW ownership, MG was doomed to be a sort of tuner for Rover products. The MG ZR, for instance, is nothing more than a Rover 25 with a body kit.

Now, under the ownership of SAIC, they launched their return to the family car market in Europe in the form of the MG6. While we don’t actually have a MG6 to play with, let’s review what we know from official info and other reviews.

Exterior design

This is crucial. It only takes the brain about 10 seconds to generate the first impression of something based on looks and decide if it’s worth it to keep looking.

While it’s not groundbreaking, the exterior of the MG6 is pleasing and very conservative, on par with the stuff it will compete with. However, the back could use some work.

Interior design

Looking at press pictures, the interior looks lackluster and a bit rubbish if I’m honest. Rear legroom looks insufficient and the center console is average at best.


The engine is a 1.8L based off the K-Series, which has been with us since the late 80’s. It produces 133 hp on the base model and 158 in turbocharged form, which is quite good considering the type of car it’s moving.

Overall impression

The MG6 will certainly not make you go whoa, but looking at all the previews and based on all the info floating around the ‘net, it will get the job done. Not only will it be the stepping stone of MG back into the public conscience, but it will put yet another good option on the already fiercely competitive small hatchback market.

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One thought on “MG6

  1. tom rogers says:

    Well this is a nice car . . . .
    . . . It looks like an updated Proton with an MG badge.
    If this is what the MG company can produce then Proton must be …….ing themselves.
    What next ???????????? Maybe a rival for the Ford or VW….. Looking at this though that threat is probably 20 or 30 years away .

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