I’m a bit bored with Toyota now

I fully understand that Toyota won’t deliberately make a bad car, at least I think they won’t, but the amount of problems they have now is so ludicrous it borders on laughable. It was fun at first, then it got old, now it’s plain annoying.

Toyota has always built cars that are very reliable. That’s what got them on the map in the first place. When the Big Three were pushing the Pinto and the Vega, which simply wouldn’t work, Toyota kept pushing Corollas that were miles more reliable, and it gave them the same results in Europe.

Throughout the 80’s, if you were a parent and wanted to get your son a small car to use during his college years, you got a little Corolla, you of course started to get comfortable on your Camry unless you were successful and a lived outside the U.S, in which case you rolled around in a Cressida.

But all has collapsed with the sudden acceleration, deceleration, rust, etc.

Where did you go wrong Toyota, where did you lose the sense of quality and that the car was put together with the attention to detail of a car manufacturer that doesn’t care? Now they’re admitting problems, but had that victim of  unintended acceleration not spoke up about it, we may have been oblivious to this day. We can only hope it gets better.


2 thoughts on “I’m a bit bored with Toyota now

  1. dislike this article considering that some toyotas are fairly reliable and nice

  2. Igor Magun says:

    Reliable? Certainly. Apart from the fact that I can walk through a Toyota dealership and name a recall for every 2nd car, but I suppose with that out of the way, they are. Nice? I’m not so sure. I’m struggling to name even one modern Toyota which I can look at and say “Lovely, I wish I could buy one!”

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