NHTSA begins Dodge Caliber investigation concerning sticky pedals

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is launching an investigation into the Dodge Caliber concerning sticky pedals.

Sound familiar? Well, even though these pedals were manufactured by the same company which made Toyota’s faulty accelerators, the NHTSA says that these pedals use a completely different configuration, so they’re likely not related to the Toyota recall.

As with Toyota’s recall, Chrysler believes the issue is mechanical. Luckily, the Caliber is equipped with a brake override system, so if the pedal jams, the brakes should be able to override it. Five reports of the pedal jamming have been received, but no injuries or accidents have been reported.

The estimated 10,000 affected cars were produced during a five-week period in March and April 2006. Owners can visit their local dealer for a free inspection. There’s no information on what will be done to fix the issue.

Source: The Detroit News

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