Five cars that need an urgent update

Many cars nowadays look sharp and are equipped with modern technology. However, here’s five which we believe could use an update.

Cars need to evolve, we’ve established that, but some car manufacturers don’t think it’s all that necessary (Morgan springs to mind), and on the other hand there are cars that have been pretty much orphaned by their makers. These five are the latter.

5. Mitsubishi Eclipse

The first generation of this car was brilliant, even the second one was excellent before The Fast and The Furious brought the import tuner scene to the spotlight, claiming the lives of thousands of Civics and Supras along the way.

Its latest incarnation has been with us for a long time now, so while the exterior is still sort of good looking, the drivetrain is showing its age when pitted up with the competition.

4. Ford Ranger (US model)

In the rest of the world, the Ford Ranger is based on the Mazda B-Series, which has been last restyled in 2006 as the Mazda BT-50. In the US, the Mazda B-Series is based on the Ford Ranger, sporting a design that last saw a full redesign in 1998. Take a wild guess which one is better.

3. All Lada products

Don’t be fooled by the apparently 1980’s design, what you’re seeing is the 2010 Lada 4×4/Niva, and it’s been more than 30 years since this car has seen any improvements in technology, and it won’t be getting them anytime soon by the looks of things. Even some of the newer looking products, such as the Kalina and Priora, are utterly hopeless when pitted against the competition.

2. Toyota Camry

This isn’t so much in need of an update as it is in death. With all of Toyota’s troubles, the sensible thing to do is to reduce costs and increase sales, and what better way to do so than get rid of a boring mid-size and replace it with the Mark X, which is about the same size, and would just need a left hand drive dashboard.

1. Hyundai Accent

Hyundai has been getting a lot of things right recently. They’ve managed to pull off a good start in the luxury mid-size category with the Genesis Sedan, they’ve offered the excitement of a powerful front-engined, rear wheel drive coupe with the Genesis Coupe, not to mention the Hyundai Veracruz, which is on par, if not superior, to the Mercedes GLK and Lexus RX350. Moreover, Hyundais have excellent reliability and value for money that’s in a class of its own.

The Accent, however, is the exception. It disappoints greatly compared to the other offerings of the company. The styling is horrid, especially in the 3-door hatchback variation, the seats are the automotive equivalent of a park bench, and even a Toyota Yaris would prove a better small car in the excitement and fun category.

Hyundai has shown they can build something incredible, so they should up the ante and start humiliating the likes of the Honda Fit and Ford Fiesta with their Accent.

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