Additional pictures and details on 2012 Nissan GT-R leaked

Additional pictures and details on the 2012 Nissan GT-R have leaked onto the internet.

At first, it looked like the changes would be minor. However, the changes are so substantial that the model designator is changed from CBA-R35 to DBA-R35. The chassis has been revamped, with a reinforced front end, redesigned suspension, which is designed to improve both ride comfort and performance, new front brakes, with less fade and reduced temperatures, and a tweaked Anti-Lock Braking and Vehicles Dynamics Control System, with new engagement and distribution characteristics.

Under the hood, the same VR38 will be powering the car, but it is claimed to be 3% more efficient, and its power output, in PS, will be a number starting with 5. The current one puts out 485 PS, so this is going to be at least a 15 PS improvement. Torque output is also claimed to be “significantly” improved.

Putting the power down will be two new sets of summer tires: the recently unveiled Bridgestone Potenza RE070R R2 tires, or brand new Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT 600 DSST CTT tires.

On the software front, the snow mode is now gone, with a new fuel-save mode present instead. This mode will reduce torque output and change the scheduling of gearshifts to improve fuel economy. Moreover, the controversial Launch Control has received another change, making this the 4th version. The 0-60 time is claimed to be improved, but it is unknown by just how much.

One of the more exciting features, in my opinion, is the addition of a RWD mode. Hold the transmission switch downward on fuel save mode (Or where snow mode used to be) for four seconds, and the GT-R will switch from AWD to RWD.

On the interior, the new GT-R will get a blue trip computer instead of the previous red one, real carbon fibre trim and new knobs around the climate control switchgear location, and a softer seat belt material, as well as adjustments to the seat belt tension and intensity. A tweaked GT-R logo will also be present on the steering wheel, and there will be a new metal trim on the air conditioning vents and paddle shifters. Moreover, door quality has reportedly been improved, with reduced NVH and improved fitment, noise and quality feel. Also, the trunk is said to be easier to close now.

Seating options have been improved as well, with the Pure Edition (The replacement for the base model) and the Black Edition receiving redesigned seats, which claim to offer more comfort, stability, and better vibration absorption. Moreover, the Pure Edition can now be ordered with the Recaro seats out of the SpecV, while the whole range receives improved seat heating.

On the exterior front, most changes were revealed last time. However, Nissan claims improved paint quality all across the range, and there will be a new white, called Ultimate Opal White.

Pricing has also been leaked for the GT-R:

DBA-R35 Model Pricing in Japan (yen)
Pure Edition 8,694,000
Black Edition 9,303,000
Premium Edition 9,450,000
Club Track Edition 10,479,000 (Not including membership fees, etc.)
SpecM 15,000,300
SpecV 15,750,000
S-Tec GT-R (ST1) 23,000,000 (Approximately)

As previous rumours suggested, a SpecM variant will be on the way, but not many details are known. The name may not even be SpecM by the time the car is officially announced October 18th. The SpecM will be available with plenty of radical interior colour options however:

Interior Colour Choices for SpecM:
Lower Section:

  • Muelheim Brown
  • GT Black
  • R-Red
  • Ruhr White
  • Caramel Beige
  • Espresso Brown
  • Cointreau Orange
  • Aqua Gray
  • Shadow Gray
  • Sakura (Which is pink)

Upper Section:

  • Muelheim Brown
  • GT Black
  • R-Red
  • Ruhr White

Stiching Colors:

  • Brown
  • Black
  • Red
  • White
  • Gray
  • Beige

A new Bose sound system will also be fitted to the SpecM.  The pricing is slightly lower than the range topping SpecV, but fit it with a few options, like the 525,000 yen Ultimate Opal White paint job or three levels of upgrade Bose sound system at 1,200,000 yen, and it’ll easily become more expensive.

See more leaked photos of the new GT-R below.

Source: NAGTROC and GTRBlog

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