Callaway to tune the Chevrolet Silverado

Callaway is working on a tuned Chevrolet Silverado, and Autoblog has been on the phone with Reeves Callaway to find out more about the project.

“Anything I may have said in this conversation may not be true, ’cause I don’t know what I’m talking about yet.” said Callaway, so as to emphasize that this project is something completely new for them, and still in the early stages of development.

The program has two objectives. One, to “make the power, which we looked at as the easier of the two.” For the second objective, they want to do “something that nobody really has ever done, in my experience with a pickup truck, and that is [to] make it handle like a Corvette.” You’re probably thinking “How will they pull that off?” Well, you’re not alone.

However, Callaway has gathered the best of their engineers for the task. The same team responsible for the Corvette Z06.Rs racing in the FIA GT3 European Championship Series will be tasked with the Silverado’s handling.

“We’re going to take all those guys who have won the FIA championship for the past four years and assign them the task of making the truck handle like a BMW or like a Corvette or like a Porsche.”

As for more exact details, Callaway said “It will be supercharged and powerful, it will have a great-looking set of wheels and tires, and it will be positioned at the right ride height to indicate that it’s something special.” Nothing very exact there either, but do keep in mind that the program is still at a very early stage.

To make the program sound even more shocking, they’re trying to make the car as cheap as possible, around the $50,000 to be exact.

Why are they trying such a hard task? Apparently, the dealers were asking for it. Callaway said that “We have a nice little system set up and we were just looking for more product to put through, and realizing that the truck is such a popular platform, why not do it?”

They expect to have the car ready around SEMA time, although it’s unknown whether or not the car will appear there. We’ll keep an eye out.

Source: Autoblog

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