Mahindra diesel pickups receive EPA certification, should arrive in US soon

Mahindra’s diesel pickup trucks have received certification from the Environmental Protection Agency, meaning that they should be arriving in the US soon.

Mahindra has been trying to get into the US market forever, but they constantly ran into delays. However, with one of the bigger obstacles out of the way, the trucks are expected to arrive soon.

Max Butler, vice president of marketing for Global Vehicles USA, the company responsible for US distribution of the trucks, claims that “We’re very excited about getting certification. Our dealers are excited as well. This is great news.” However, Global Vehicles recently went as far as suing Mahindra for delaying the program. So that likely means they’ll have to settle that dispute before they can finally begin sales.

The trucks to be imported will be Mahindra’s TR20 and TR40. They will reportedly be available in two- and four-door form. Power will come from Mahindra’s 2.2L mHawk inline-4,  slightly modified to comply with US emissions standards. Mileage should be as high as 30 mpg, with a 1.3-tonne towing rating. Prices will start at $22,000. It sounds pretty good to me.


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